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Jeremy Andrzejewski


 a road warrior businessman, amateur athlete, step father and everyone’s best friend. Jeremy has played Hockey all of his life, he also has taken up Boxing, Eskrima and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Jeremy has competed in over 50 Obstacle Races (Spartan, Tough Mudder, etc.), numerous 5Ks, 10Ks, Half Marathons, Marathon and Ultra Marathon as well as a handful of 24 hour adventure races and competitions. He has lived in Buffalo, Rochester, NYC and Miami over his 35+ years of life. During his 100k plus miles of flying each year he enjoyed listening to podcasts and often thought he had a face for podcasting, so with his face and voice he started podcasting with a friend named Falcon and recorded 10+ episodes that were never published to the public but are amazing if you ask him or Falcon. 


After a while, he decided to create a legit published podcast where he would have one show with three series. He wanted a serious series that was short and to the point, so the Monday Motivation series was created and that is where Jeremy will have a guest on weekly to talk to business leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, chefs and more. These episodes are to give you a little motivation to start the week. 5 questions on success and motivation get answered along with some good conversation. Next he wanted an open format where he could have longer conversations with no set questions and just dive in and talk about many different topics like sports, politics, workouts, safety, etc with fun guests and that is what we call the Whatever Wednesday series that is posted weekly.  Finally Jeremy and his good friend Lou wanted an outlet to share random funny stories about each other, about guests that will be on and just spend time cracking jokes on the Friday Funnies series that gets posted periodically. 


Jeremy often gets asked where did you come up with the name Instant Journeyman? If you look at the definition of a journeyman is "a worker or sports player who is reliable but not outstanding.” And while Jeremy will tell you that he is outstanding at everything, the definition sums him up pretty well, extremely reliable but not outstanding. So he added Instant to it because he instantly is not outstanding when he does things, yet he is instantly reliable!


We hope you enjoy the podcasts wether you listen to all 3 series or you just listen to one of the series that speaks to you.

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